Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I know, I know, I talk about suicide a lot. Why? Honestly I don't know really....Maybe it's the fact that some of my closest friends have died this way. I know for a fact that the thought of killing myself has never crossed my mind nor will it ever do so. Yeah..You could say I'm pretty passionate about talking about this topic. Especially this week. 

This week I lost another dear family friend to suicide. No one saw it coming because unlike most suicides, this man was never so depressed that he thought he must end his life. No, that wasn't it at all. Unfortunately he never talked to anyone about killing himself...it just kind of happened. One day here, the next day gone. As I sit here in tears writing this, I'm still shocked. It happened a few days ago, the funeral has already happened, and I'm still completely shocked. I've grown up with this guy and he was such an inspirational person. And now as sudden as a flash of lightening, his family and friends mourn his death. What else can I say? It's been a tough week.

Stay Beautiful

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