Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Life has been throwing me some crazy situations lately. Although I won't share what they are, I must say that I've seen God's hand through them all.  I still am amazed at the beauty of my Lord and Savior. To think that he gives us all of these experiences for a reason is beyond me. Whether they be good or bad, I've learned more than ever that I need to lean on him for everything I do. This is something I did struggle with when my uncle and great grandpa (Who I was close to) died within months of each other. As a lot do, I was confused. Why would God let them die? I thought. My uncle died a very young death that was completely unexpected  so it was a complete shock and heartbreak for my family. And although that time in my life was one of struggle, I look back now and understand. I understand that everything happens for a reason and that God has it all under control. Worry and stress will get you no where, leaning on God and trusting his timing will! I hope you guys are doing well and know that I love everyone one of you very much.

Stay Beautiful

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