Thursday, June 27, 2013

As She Dances.

He smiles as she dances.
As she moves to the beat of the music.
He looks at her with a sparkle in his eye.
As though he had seen her for the very first time.
She sways, her long brown hair fallen across her back
And eyes closed.
As he watches her he thanks God for his perfect angel.
He wants this moment to last forever.
As sudden as a flash of lightening -
She stops and looks over at him.
A smile comes across her face
As she walks over and extends her hand.


For this short poem, I really wanted to capture the beauty and passion of true love. How little things, like dancing, can be the most magical moments in a relationship.What do you guys think?

Stay Beautiful



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    1. Thanks darling!

      Fantastic blog. Just followed you! ;)


  2. I love this... I think these are the moments that the world has taught a lot of us to overlook or be going so fast through life that we miss them. This is a wonderful reminder that we should all slow down and take in the little things.. :)

    1. Aw thank you Leslie! <3 I'm really glad you liked it. I totally agree!


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