Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scars Remain (A poem by Mak)♥

He's hurting.
You can see it in his eyes.
He looks down as he walks into the room.
People watch him, they talk.
They judge him like they do everyone else they don't know.
They hurt him.
They scar him.
They change him.
But what makes it even worse,
Is that they do it behind his back.
They stab him like a murderer in the night. 
And when he turns to realize what is happening,
The only happiness he has left is completely drained from his body.
They take a man so full of life...
And make him into nothing but a monster. 
So you see,
It's not that he is a bad person.
It's not that he is too far gone.
It's not that he can't change.
He can.
You just have to want him to.


Hey everyone! This poem/story I wrote was inspired by someone I know. It's a subject that I feel everyone should think about. People, their naturally troubled. But when you judge, dislike, and hate on them it will only make their pain filled lives worse. In my opinion we need to love as much as we breathe. Because I've known and heard of so many people doing things like killing themselves over it. When people don't show others love, it can sometimes change their lives for the worst.

I hope you enjoyed, and as always you're thoughts and comments are appreciated.

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. This is so true, you never know someone else's story or breaking point. Nice poem.

    1. Very very true. I've known too many people who are easily broken, and are very hurt by people who don't give them a chance. Thank you so much for you're comment! :D