Thursday, April 25, 2013

Those Eyes (A Poem By Mak)

You're eyes, they sparkled like the sea.
They told of great stories of you're past,
And held secrets of you're present.
Those eyes looked caring, warm, and kind.
They not once looked of darkness
Because they not once thought of such things.
My darling, you're eyes are indeed the window to you're soul.
You're sweet and mysterious soul
That intrigued me like none other.
That soul that consumed me
Without a thought - only but of pure feeling.
But those eyes, they lie.
They tell a false story that is believed by many,
But not by me.
Because those eyes that once sparkled like the sea
Are now completely dull and lifeless.
Those eyes are a beautiful disaster. 


Hey everyone, thanks so much for reading. On this piece I got a bit personal, and I don't really know how I feel about posting it, but sometimes you just have to put things on the table. Go out there and do what scares you. Because you never know what may happen.

All thoughts are welcome and appreciated!

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. wow... I had no idea about this blog. I use to love to write the most horrible poems ever but I still love reading them. You have a gift my dear... I felt the words instead of just hearing them. Can't wait to read more

    1. Wow Leslie...that means a lot coming from you. You know, writing is one of the things that make me truly happy. I don't think I'm very good at it, but that's okay HA :D Any yes! I will be 18 in August :) Thank you for subscribing and for you're kind and encouraging! <3

  2. we like the same music, the same you tubers, same faith... ha.. I had no idea you were 17 so either you have an old soul and are really mature for your age or I need to grow up one? haha just kidding. So glad to have 'virtually' met you and hope we get to keep talking:)

    1. That's awesome we have SO much in common, I feel like there's really no one I'm really alike with..but me and you girl, we're one in the same. :) And yes, me too! <3 Maybe someday we'll get to meet as well. That would be so flippin' awesome. :D <3