Saturday, March 9, 2013


Lovely. That's the only word that I can say my life is. Yes-I've been though pain. Enough to last me a lifetime or beyond that. Yes- I've gone through heartache. Enough to fill an ocean. And yes- I've cried tears of hurt. More times than I could ever count. But when I think about it, life is just lovely. It's beautiful. It's the most amazing thing in the world. We live and breathe, we laugh and cry, we smile and we pray. That's what makes this life worth living. The little moments in life. Like how each and every day I'm woken up by my beautiful and amazing mom. Like how I have a family who I love with all my heart. Like my best friend who loves me just as much as I love her. Like the sun shining through my window when I'm doing school.  Like the excitement I get from watching my favorite Tv show. Like the smile that comes across my face when I laugh. Like the smell of the ocean in California on a hot summer day. Like my grandparents whom I love with all my heart. Like listening to music and shutting out the world. Like hearing from the ones I miss.

You see...each and every day is a gift from God. A gift. And often times I take it for granted. Actually more times that I could count. But all in all....I'm doing just fine. Life is beautiful and breathtaking. People fascinate and surprise me daily. I need to push my so called problems and pain aside and focus on the good rather than dwell on the things that could eat me alive if I let them. And I truly hope anyone reading this will do the same.

Yes...Life Is Indeed Lovely.

Stay Beautiful♥


"Ive found that if you love life-Life will love you back."

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