Monday, February 4, 2013

A Poem And Thoughts On The Power Of Music.

A million heartbeats come together in perfect harmony.
Different, but also the same.
Lifeless lungs are filled with happiness.
A mysterious warmth wells up in our souls.
We connect.
We understand.
We are inspired.
With our heads held high we carry on with more strength than we have ever felt.
Like our painful life and the people in it vanish into thin air.
Like they were only but a distant memory of our past.
We are forever moved.
We are forever changed.

Sup' people?
Music... Where to begin. Well, I guess for starters it's always been there for me. Life sometimes gets so insane and crazy that I need something to just listen to for hours. It's one of my biggest inspirations. You know that feeling when a lyric fits how your feeling perfectly? Or when one song puts you in the best mood in the world? Or when your going through a tough time and just need a song to cry to? It's simply amazing. And what's even more amazing is the fact that different people connect with different music. For some dude in Brazil, Lady Gaga may be his inspiration. For a girl in Colorado, Skillet may have been her saving grace at one point. There's always going to be musicians and songs that can make a huge change in your life. And if you think otherwise my friend, than you've odviously never listened to Aerosmith.
Just kidding.
Kind of.

I encourage you to find who and what inspires you the most!

Question Of The Day:
What is your current favorite song? 

Stay Beautiful


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