Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where Will You Be?

What will you do when the sky turns to gray,
When I'm crying tears of pain,
When the world seems to be fading away?

Will you be there in my darkest hour,
Embracing me like you didn't care about anything,
Anything but you and me in that moment?

Where will you be when I'm motionless and numb
To the sights and feelings of this messed up world
When I can't handle all that life has pushed on me?

Will you love me like a sister- Loyal and loving,
Even when I try to tell you everything's OK,
Will you know deep down inside my world is falling apart?

Unlike the moon that you can only see at night,
Will you be there when I need you the most,
Will you be there when life's tearing you apart?

...Will you be there?

I hope you enjoyed this, guys! How was your Halloween?

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Stay Beautiful♥


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