Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Story Of My Life (Bon Jovi Poem)

One Poem. One Mission. To Use All Of My Favorite Bon Jovi Song Titles And Create A Piece That Makes At Least A Little Bit Of Sense.

Here We Go...

I've been shot through the heart because love lies, the back of my heart yells “Come back.” I thought you were born to be my baby, but baby, you'll never be my superman. You're nobody's hero. Like bad medicine you wanted to make a memory. But fear overtook you. Everyday became harder and more complicated. Now I wonder through fields of fire, walking on burning coals, trying to forget you. Now only in my dreams will you be there. In real life your gone forever. Hey God, give me something for this pain. With your kind smile you had me from hello. We were outlaws of love. In these arms we were undivided. The days went on until summertime. I thought you would always be mine. But now I'm on the edge of a broken heart. Your the one that got away. And If I cant have your love, that's OK by me. Because I'm starting all over again. Because now I can breathe. The bells of freedom are ringing loud for all to hear. So I guess what all this is is, the story of my life. Thank you for loving me, but this heartbreak is driving me crazy...and I am never falling for you again.

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  1. Even though I didn't recognize any of the songs because I don't know Bon Jovi very well, this was so creative!!!! I loved it!!!!:D