Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Judging Part Dos.

Thinking about judging on to hear my pressing thoughts...

Often times I feel like we get used to judging others. Even the littlest things like someones shirt or the way someone talks is hated on so freely. Sometimes it's because we're truly unhappy people. Sometimes it's because we're insecure. Whatever the case- life is not meant to criticize others merely by what we see on the outside. Me being someone who can't stand that, it bothers me when someone makes fun of or laughs at another for their weight, walk, or talk. Who are we to judge?? We all have our flaws, in fact if you gave me a dime for every one I have I'd be a millionaire. But yet we look past that, don't we? The truth is, everyone has their imperfections, faults, and sins. It's human nature. What people don't realize is that no sin is greater than another. They're all sin. I do it, you do it, and even though this may come as a shock, the oh so famous Justin Bieber does it, too. So just remember that you are not higher than the homeless man. In God's eyes, you are both beautiful. Just because you criticize and bring him down does not make you superior. You don't know his story- therefor it is not your right to downgrade him.

 So, as the holiday season quickly approaches, I hope you will join me to find the good in others.

Stay Beautiful♥


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