Friday, October 19, 2012

The Key To Maintaining Relationships.

Being a High School student, I've learned the many ups and downs of friendships. I've learned the true meaning of the word "friend". I've learned that sometimes relationships don't work out for one reason or another. Sometimes people go their separate ways. Sometimes people just don't click. Sometimes it is for unknown reasons. But we all know that maintaining relationships is definitely a process and can be quite hard. And while I don't consider myself an expert, I've learned many relationship tips that hopefully help you out as well. So here are my top five. 

1. Relationships Are A Two Way Street.
This one may seem obvious. But I've learned (and am still currently learning) that life is too short to waste time on someone who isn't the least bit interested in putting effort into the relationship. It will leave you broken hearted and crushed. I've realized that a lot of people in this world make this mistake. A true friend WILL text you. WILL call you. WILL be there to lend a listening ear. WILL be there to give you a hug when you need one. It may seem like a lot of work. But that's what friends are for, right?

2. Understanding.
This one is one I feel strongly about. Maybe because I deal with people not understanding me constantly. But here's the deal. If you are someone who judges or puts down your friend for anything, big or small, it is wrong. It may be hard, but TRY to understand someones point of view. You may not agree with it, but that's what makes him/her unique. Don't fight because of something so stupid. Sure, you can offer your opinions at times, but don't push it on them. It will lead to some problems in your future and maybe even lead them to not tell you things anymore. 

3. Learn To Listen.
This is another thing that us selfish humans can fall short of. Sometimes we just love to listen to ourselves talk. Which is weird. But true right? We need to try to listen to people. Because a lot of the time when their going through something and listen, they will do the same.

4. Honesty.
This is a hard one for me. Telling people the truth no matter how hard it is is key to a healthy relationship. Sometimes we want to keep it inside because we're afraid to get hurt. But the truth is, it will most likely hurt them even more if you keep it inside. True friends need to be completely open with each other.

5. Fix Problems As They Arrive.
Often times we tend to let things sink inside but never say them so we can fix our problems. They eventually eat us alive and hurt both ends of the relationship. So don't let yourself fall into the trap of not getting things dealt with. The problem will end up being 10 times more dramatic and hard for you to figure out.

I hope these tips will help you all out. And just remember. Relationships are important to your journey in this crazy world. They will stabilize you. They will offer advice. They will be there when you need them. 

Stay Beautiful♥