Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time, Don't Let It Slip Away.

Just a moment ago you could have found me baking brownies and listening to rock music. (Suprising, is it not?) And these lyrics really got my thinking.

Don't Let It Slip Away.
Raise Your Drinkin' Glass,
Here's To Yesterday.

Not only was it very encouraging and lovely, but it really got me thinking about how vital every second is to our lives. I could say it over and over again till your head began to ache, but I'll save you the pain. Life is completely short. You will die. That is a fact. Unless your one of those TV characters that no matter what happens to them, they always seem to come back. (Lucky them..) Every breathe we breath is so important. We need to embrace life. We need to think about what we want to pursue. What dreams we have and make them happen. I think so often we dwell on our past so much that it eventually becomes our present. Maybe even our future. There's a huge difference between raising your glass and embracing yesterday verses dwelling on it so much it consumes you like a title wave.

So tell me something friends. What have you always wanted to do? Whether that be something like say your sorry to someone, go skydiving, or join a band. Just think about it and write it down. Doing this will encourage you to make it happen.

Because know it or not, time is slipping away. There is simply no other way to describe it. So let's embrace life's littlest things and not worry about the big ones, Let's never forget what an amazing gift we've been given.

So join me in raising our glass to a beautiful life.

Stay Beautiful♥